Far Infrared Ray

Far Infrared Ray


Infrared is generally divided into three sub-divisions by their wavelength. Wavelength from 0.75–3 μm is called Near-infrared. Wavelength from 3–30 μm is called Middle-infrared. Wavelength from 30–1000 μm is called Far-infrared. Different sources use different boundaries for the far infrared; for example, sometimes infrared is defined as wavelengths from 0.75-3 μm, and far infrared as wavelengths from 3-1000 μm.




Benefits of Far Infrared

How does it work?



How does wood floors combine with FIR?
Ua Floors use modern technologies to inject nanolized minerals into the open-pore of wood. These nanolized minerals can absorb energy such as lights, heats, waves in our environment and transform it into far-infrared energy that it constantly releasing.